Caffeine & Your Health

Caffeine & Your Health

Caffeine is a widely talked about and consumed substance. Because of that, it is normal to wonder, are there benefits to drinking caffeine? Are there consequences to drinking caffeine? We took some time and did some research and found out some interesting information about the pros and cons of consuming caffeine. Continue reading to find out more!

First off, caffeine is considered a drug, but it is not a severe drug because there is a high lethal dose (100 cups in 2-3 hours). While this is not entirely impossible to accomplish it is highly unlikely that any person would consume that amount of caffeine.

We are going to talk about the consequences of caffeine before we talk about the benefits. To begin, according to the UNH article, there is some evidence that caffeine can cause aggression in teens. That being said, there are other factors a play here such as age and gender that could also be factors in this study. Next, there is evidence that caffeine during pregnancy is not the best. In fact, it can be bad for both the mother and the baby. That being said, other factors could be at play such as smoking which is more common with high coffee consumption. This last one can be both a benefit and a consequence. Caffeine can increase alertness and productivity, but it can also result in an increase in anxiety.


Now for the benefits. Like was just mentioned, caffeine can increase alertness and productivity when used in moderation. Not only can it cause mental alertness, but it can also improve endurance and enhance muscle contractions (though age is a possible factor that can affect these results as well). There is a myth that caffeine causes dehydration which is possible, but you would need to consume 12 cups of tea or 6 cups of strongly brewed coffee for dehydration to occur. There is a common thought that caffeine can cause heart disease but there is no direct link between caffeine consumption and heart disease. In addition to this, caffeine can help with headaches, especially when used in conjunction with ibuprofen.

So with all the information given you can be the judge as to if the benefits outweigh the consequences. Here at Java Advisor, we think they do! One of our favorite ways to get caffeine is through our coffee. The Organic Bali Blue Moon is our current favorite.

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