CBD and Exercise: Benefits

CBD and Exercise: Benefits

Can you take CBD or CBD supplements before exercise, and if you do what are some of the benefits?

Well, as we know from some of our previous posts, CBD is great for a lot of things including anxiety and physical pain. CBD is not some insane performance enhancing drug, so don’t expect it to allow you lift 10 times your weight, or run a marathon without training. In fact, nothing like that really exists. CBD is awesome because it can augment, and simply help our everyday life and everyday activities.

Think of it this way, CBD allows you to stabilize yourself, and we can apply those benefits to a lot of activities in our daily lives.

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you want to workout, but you’re feeling kind of blue. We already know that exercise releases endorphins, and generally makes us happier. Where something like a CBD regimen could come into play - would be simply reducing anxiety, so that we might be more likely to start exercising on a day in which we feel off.

Another benefit, could come from another really critical aspect of what CBD can do to help us. That’s with pain management. Depending on your daily exercise whether it’s running, other types of cardio, or weight-lifting, you’ve probably developed some sort of small to minor pains around some of the parts of your body that you’re working out. Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, you can expect to be in less pain when and after working out too.

The biggest, and most overall benefit to CBD in general, and why it can really add benefits to your workout is that when you take CBD, you’ll more than likely feel like - you! CBD can help you bring your body to a less-inflamed, less-anxious, happier homeostasis.

If you’d like to learn more for yourself, I actually used this US patent office filing to find some really great info around CBD and exercise.

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