CBD & Animals: Is it Safe?

CBD & Animals: Is it Safe?

We have been talking a lot about CBD and the effects it can have on the human body but today we want to talk about if CBD is safe for our furry friends. The short answer is yes it is. Today we are going to go into some details about how we know CBD is safe for our animals and what veterinarians have to say on the topic.

So first up, how do we know CBD is safe to give to our animals? There is a difference between CBD and cannabis plants. CBD does not have THC where as cannabis plants to. Cannabis plants can cause toxicity in cats but CBD is generally regarded as safe for them. Because CBD has little to no THC in it, there is little to no chance of overdosing on CBD.

The real issue with CBD in animals is making sure that you give them the correct dosage. When given a higher dose than is needed animals can get drowsy or have an upset stomach. The general rule of thumb for giving CBD to animals is to give them 1 mg - 5 mg for every 10 lbs of body weight.

We don’t want to just share with you some anecdotal evidence for the use of CBD in animals but we want to look at what veterinarians have to say on the topic as well. Not all veterinarians are on board with giving CBD to pets but there are some vets who are. Let’s take a look at what some vets have to say:

“While there are some differences in how cannabis affects pets compared to humans, they can benefit in many of the same ways people do,”’ Richter said. He adds that his professional experience “has shown me that there is enormous potential to treat medical conditions with cannabis.”

But Richter warns that while CBD is medically beneficial, THC, the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for the “high” effect, can be dangerous to animals. THC overdoses in dogs in particular lead may to medical complications and, in extreme cases, death. He believes cannabis should be given to pets only as a medicine, based on a veterinarian’s professional analysis and dosages to prevent complications.” Check out the full article here for more on what veterinarians think about giving CBD to animals. (https://www.greenstate.com/health/marijuana-for-pets-cbd-pet-treats-what-do-vets-say/)

At the end of the day whether you give CBD to your pet is up to you, but we just want you to be aware that is it safe to do so and it will not harm your animal if they get some every now and then.

This week we will be sharing other posts about how to give your animals CBD and what kind of benefits you can expect to see from CBD in our pets. So come back and check those posts out if you are interested.

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