CBD Health Benefits for Dogs (& Pets)

CBD Health Benefits for Dogs (& Pets)

Continuing on in our series about CBD oil and animals, and while we’re by no means doctors at Java Advisor - we’ve done some research that we wanted to bring to our reader’s attention.

Today we wanted to talk about the benefits your pets can well - benefit from - with CBD.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are several ways to give CBD to your pets. The first way you can give your pet CBD is to just use the dropper and drop some straight into their mouth. If you’d like to read more on that you can click or tap here.

Since there are even some treats online that you can buy that have CBD mixed in and are predosed, so you can always find a way to treat your pet with some all natural CBD.

So, first off CBD is a known all-natural non-addictive pain-killer for humans, so it makes sense that these natural pain-killing properties can work well with dogs and other pets too.

Like humans, pets can also suffer from anxiety and stress - and CBD has been shown to help with this too! CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, and therefore can treat those types of conditions as well. CBD works with these specific receptors called CB2, and these are usually inside of immune cells. A common condition in older dogs is arthritis, and basically arthritis is joint inflammation. Since CBD is anti-inflammatory, it can absolutely help with arthritis pain in our pets!

The last one we discovered is still in the process of being studied, but some studies are claiming that CBD treatments can and may slow certain tumor growths. Dogs are especially no strangers to malignant tumors

There you have it! There are some ways that CBD can enhance your pet’s life, and help them deal with some issues they may be having. These solutions are normally safe and effective, and while we’ve done our research, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian if you’re considering changing up your pet’s diet or supplements. A professional would be able to give you specific advice around this subject.

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