CBD Success Stories

CBD Success Stories

This past week, we’ve been talking a lot about CBD (Cannabinoid). You can see my previous posts, here, and here. CBD or cannabinoid oils can have really great health benefits. CBD oils can help with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. They’re also great with helping with pain management, and inflammation. I’ve been researching and reading some awesome stories about CBD products are helping people every single day.

While all of these stories definitely fall into the “your mileage may very” category, it’s really important to note that CBD really is having a positive effect on people’s lives – in ways that maybe other traditional methods haven’t.

I wanted to find claims from people who weren’t pushing a brand, and I didn’t want to bother looking at brands and the claims they were making either.

So I took to Reddit, a website where people post about their lives, experiences, really anything imaginable – and Reddit just so happens to have a Reddit page dedicated to CBD.

Here are a couple of my favorite success stories that I found:

 “About 30 minutes ago while laying in my bed (still laying here) I got up really quickly to get my full spectrum cbd tincture, and take a full dropper's worth (or at least 80% of a dropper), and put it under my tongue then hold it for like 4 minutes. Literally just 5-10 minutes after while looking at my phone in agony, I feel something switch in my brain. I swear to god. It felt like the lightest tap in the top middle of my brain, then quickly surrounded my brain. After I felt that tap, my headache instantly decreased by about 80%, my mood (sad and even more depressed than normal), instantly lifted and I almost feel no hint of depression as I type this.”



 “Wanted to see if CBD oil works for my anxiety/ social anxiety. I used one drop for the first time this morning and in 5-10 minutes I started to feel the subtle calm feeling everyone talks about. So about 30 minutes after on the way to work, I was in the car and thought to myself "shouldn’t I be worrying about something right now?" but nope. Instead for once I had a tranquil mind and it felt absolutely amazing to know that this actually works.”


 It’s incredible that CBD can help with so many things like anxiety and social anxiety. So many of us have issues like this from mild to severe, so it’s really cool to discover, think about, and even try these alternative methods that so many people are starting to swear by.

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