Climate Change & It's Effects on Coffee

Climate Change & It's Effects on Coffee

Coffee and climate change actually runs deeper than just simply depleting the world’s coffee supply or being unable to produce coffee. There’s a very human component to it as well. Here in the United States we depend on coffee, or rather we say we depend on coffee. We of course mean it in an abstract sense - we mean it in a, “I need coffee to survive today” sort of way. What if coffee actually affected your livelihood in a very literal way?. What if it actually changed your life if coffee went away? For over 100 million people around the world - if coffee goes away - so does their very way of life.

With the majority of the world’s coffee species mostly coming from Africa and Madagascar, they’re a limited number of places that the world’s coffee can be produced. Ethopia, which is probably the country you’re most familiar with in terms of coffee could really be hit the hardest with over 15,000,000 people alone in Ethopia depending on the coffee industry alone.

Another interesting fact regarding coffee, especially here in the United States is it’s overall impact on our general economy as well. The coffee industry alone in the US, has over a $200,000,000 impact - yup that’s billions of dollars. Experts are estimating that the areas suitable for coffee cultivation will decrease significantly by the mid-2020s due to climate change, terrible droughts, rising temperatures, biodiversity loss, and heavy rains and flooding.

All in all, the situation is actually pretty dire, and all of this could very literally lead to the extinction of coffee. Because of climate change this is causing parasitic diseases to eat away at coffee at an alarming rate as well.

While it seems like we're unable to do anything about this - we actually can - on Friday we'll share and review some of the great ways that we can change everyday habits to positively contribute to the environment.

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