Climate Change & What We Can Do: 5 Tips

Climate Change & What We Can Do: 5 Tips

This week may have seemed to be all doom and gloom regarding our posts, here, and here around climate change and coffee, but I've got good news for you. You can actually make some lifestyle changes (if you want!) that can have a really positive effect on the environment.

Today we wanted to share some ways that you can make an impact on the environment. We have been talking about the effects that the environment has on the coffee industry so why not share some tips to how to change the negative effects that are at play now.

  • The number one way you can benefit the environment is to reduce your intake of meat and animal products. The meat industry releases far more greenhouse gases than growing plants not to mention the amount of food that you have to feed the animals could be used to feed humans.
  • Another way you can help the environment is to reduce the amount of paper that you use. Instead of using paper napkins use reusable ones. Instead of using paper towels just use towels. Instead of using a paper planner or notebooks use a calendar app and notepads on your phone. Any way you can reduce your paper use will be beneficial.
  • A way to help the environment is to use reusable shopping bags. Every time you go to the store you get a bunch of plastic bags that are typically just thrown out, but if you used a reusable shopping bag you would help the environment so much. Plus the reusable shopping bags are typically pretty cute and fun to carry.
  • Reusable water bottles is another great way you can reduce your impact on the environment. We know drinking water is good for your body so why not make it good for the environment as well. Using a reusable water bottle is not only better for the environment, but a lot of reusable water bottles are also cute and stylish.
  • Lastly you can recycle. This may be the most obvious one but it can have a big impact on the environment. Think about all the paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic that gets thrown away when it could be recycled or reused. Try to use things multiple times before you throw them away or into the recycling bin.

There you have it!

Five tips to reduce your impact on the environment and in turn you impact on the coffee industry. We all need our coffee fix and the idea that the environment could make coffee a luxury item is scary. Reducing your impact on the environment can have a positive effect and could potentially save coffee!

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