Cold Brew Coffee: Tips & History

Cold Brew Coffee: Tips & History

While cold brew coffee seems as if it might be a new beverage based on its recent explosion in the United States, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like much of the history of coffee, the history of cold brew is one filled with mystery. While we have a report of the first time it was made we don’t know if it was made prior to that. There have been interesting devices created to make the delicious, cold coffee beverage that we now know and love.

Where did it all begin?

The first record of cold brew is from the 1600’s. The Dutch made cold coffee to bring on their ships as they were making voyages to trade goods. This was a way to take up less space and still get the coffee/caffeine fix that they needed while on the ships. There is some debate as to if the Dutch were drinking the coffee cold or if they were mixing it with hot water and drinking it warm, but either way they were the first reported to make the cold beverage.

Cold brew coffee made its way to Japan thanks to the Dutch. The Japanese took to this beverage and started creating their own method of brewing cold brew coffee. This method is called the Kyoto method. It involves making the coffee one drip at a time. It is considered fast if this method takes less than 5 hours. While this method is popular for the beautiful design of the brewing mechanisms it is not the most practical for making large quantities of cold brew coffee. For that you are better off using the Toddy system. This system allows you to brew much high quantities in shorter amounts of time.

Where is Cold Brew Now?

Cold brew today is a popular coffee drink, especially in the summer. It is a great way to get coffee/caffeine without having to drink it hot. It is hard to find a coffee shop now a days that does not serve cold brew coffee due to its popularity. The popularity is in part because of the way it has turned into an art form. Like latte art, cold brew coffee can be a beautiful beverage if made with time and care.

Cold brew coffee is also a great way to use up beans that might have gone stale. They will still taste delicious in a cup of cold brew due to the fact that you are steeping the coffee for a longer period of time. You are able to get more of the flavor out of the coffee.

Tips to Making the Perfect Cold Brew Coffee:

The first step is to make sure you have the proper grind of the beans. You want a more coarse grind so that the coffee does not go bitter overnight.

Make sure you have the ratio of coffee to water correct. You should use about 1 ounce of coffee for every cup of water used.

Let coffee sit in the water overnight to get the most flavor out of the grounds.

Strain slowly and gently. Don’t press on the grounds too much as this is how the bitter flavor come out.

There you have it! The history of cold brew coffee and some tips to making a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. Here at Java Advisor we love to use our Honduras Silver Hills to brew the perfect cup of cold brew coffee.

Let us know if you try making cold brew at home and how things went for you!

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