Continuing The Conversation: CBD & Pain

Continuing The Conversation: CBD & Pain

Today I wanted to continue our conversation around CBD and pain. Specifically I’m going to highlight some cannabis related topics around fibromyalgia which effects over 10 million people, with most of those being women.

The cannabis plant in general is a topic if great debate. In certain states, medical cannabis is already available for certain conditions. Its effectiveness as a pain reliever has been recognized. Its attributes might prove promising for people with fibromyalgia, back pain and quite a few other pain ailments that are continual

Though cannabis is related to alleviating cancer pain and loss of appetite. Does Cannabis alleviate pain? Like the receptor system inside the body which allows endorphins to have their pain relieving effects, the body has a receptor system.

There are 3 types of cannabinoids: endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoid and synthetic cannabinoids produced in a lab.

The cannabis plant comprises a number of cannabinoids. The 3 main elements for the conversation are cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol, and caryophyllene. THC is a pain reliever and marijuana's psychoactive part. CBD reduces inflammation, spasms, nausea and anxiety. Beta caryophellene is a strong anti cannabinoid, and is found in cannabis oils that are essential.

The theory on fibromyalgia indicates that pain is processed by the brains of its sufferers or pain signals are sent to the mind. Increasing the number of cannabinoids available into your system may help counteract fibrmyalgia's pain. A little study, whose results were published in the human Apr, 2011 issue of PLoS One, showed fibromyalgic cannabis users into report significant reductions in pain also stiffness.

Chronic back pain often involves inflammation, muscle spasms and\/or nerve pain. Cannabis has been proven to relieve any of those signs, though studies into neuropathic pain relief get been most prominent. A small study led by Mark Ware, MD, analyzed the effects of cannabis with different THC potencies on pain relief. People who received the highest potency, 9.4 percent, reported significantly reduced pain. Read more about this study at Some sources estimate that street cannabis contains 10-15% THC, more than necessary for pain management.

This might answer an essential question for all those thinking about CBD! Do I have to get high? The answer is no! Since THC is the main psychoactive part in cannabis, reducing its levels (to even as low as 0%) while also increasing the levels of CBD will lead to fewer psychological effects while still alleviating pain. Marijuana is categorized as an illicit substance, that has created a stigma around it, but CBD is continuing to be an adopted alternative!

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