Did you know this about the history of coffee?

Did you know this about the history of coffee?

The history of coffee is fascinating and one filled with folklore. The exact date and origin of coffee are unknown, but there is a lot of folklore that surrounds the history of coffee. The story goes like this:

Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, realized that when his goats ate a specific red berry from one particular tree (now known as the coffee tree), they would become incredibly energetic. Kaldi gave some of these berries to a monk, and this monk was the first to turn these berries into a drink. With the berries, he and his fellow monks were able to focus on prayer for long hours in the evening.

Coffee made its way to the Arabian Peninsula and by the 16th-century (1501-1600) coffee was not only enjoyed in ones home but also in local coffee houses. Many people from around the world discovered what they called “wine of Arabia” when they made their pilgrimage to Mecca yearly.


By the 17th century, coffee had made its way all over the continent of Europe and become a favorite beverage to drink. In fact, coffee replaced alcohol as a morning beverage because it made people more alert and as a result work improved significantly. Interestingly, coffee was condemned when it came to Venice in 1615. Shortly after this, Pope Clement VIII gave it Papal authority. Papal authority is a belief the Catholic Church has that the Pope is the governing person of the community and what he says is law. For the Pope to give Papal authority to coffee means that coffee should no longer be condemned and in fact is considered fine to drink. When people from Europe came to the New World, they brought coffee and tea with them. Tea was more popular in the New World until the Boston Tea Party in 1773. After this coffee became the beverage of choice.

As the popularity of coffee grew, there was a desire to start producing coffee outside of Arabia where the majority of the coffee of the time was produced. The Dutch were able to grow coffee in the later part of the 17th century in Java which is now known as Indonesia.

In 1723 coffee was safely brought to Martinique. This coffee plant is considered the parent of the coffee trees throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.


Now coffee is produced in roughly 70 countries. Here at Java Advisor we have coffee from thirty different countries!

So there you have it! A brief, fascinating history of coffee. One that is filled with folklore and mystery. Coffee got its start from a sheepherder in Ethiopia and made its way across the world to the Americas. Coffee is one of today’s most popular drinks, especially in the morning. It gives energy and focus to get one going for the day.

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Tell us what coffee you like!

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