How To: CBD for Pets

How To: CBD for Pets

Continuing on in our series about CBD oil and animals, and while we’re by no means doctors at Java Advisor - we’ve done some research that we wanted to bring to our reader’s attention.

We wanted to talk about how to give your pets CBD oil, as there are several different ways. If you have not seen our first post on if CBD is safe for pets, check it out here!

Like we mentioned earlier, there are several ways to give CBD to your pets. The first way you can give your pet CBD is to just use the dropper and drop some straight into their mouth. This is more difficult if your pet is small because you want to give them the correct dosage, but this is a great method for larger pets, such as big dogs as they require a higher dose.

Another way to get an animal to take CBD is to mix it with one of their favorite treats. Whether it’s peanut butter for dogs, or a delicious treat that they can’t resist put the desired amount on the treat and let them gobble it down. This helps to ensure that you are not overdosing the animal because you are in control of how much goes into the treat. There are even some treats online that you can buy that have CBD mixed in and are predosed appropriately for your pets size. This is great because it takes the guesswork out of dosing you pet.

The last way we are going to talk about giving CBD to your pet is similar to the last way. You can mix the CBD in with their food that they already love. This works especially well if you give your pet wet food, but it will work just fine if they eat dry food.

There you have it! Three ways that you can give CBD to your pets that are safe and effective. While we’ve done our research, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian if you’re considering changing up your pet’s diet or supplements. A professional would be able to give you specific advice around this subject.


Come back on Friday to learn more about what CBD can do for your animal and benefits they may experience!

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