Life Hack: Caffeine Power Napping

Life Hack: Caffeine Power Napping

Before taking a nap drinking anything with caffeine sounds like a silly idea. As caffeine is meant to keep you awake - what possible advantage could drinking or taking caffeine have before a nap? Folks have been utilizing this cool hack to attain the right combination of sleep and energy. The reason that caffeine before a nap works is that it may take about 20 minutes for caffeine to be consumed in the body, so if you combine caffeine and a 20-minute power nap - you could wake up feeling really energized!

So what time of day is an excellent time to try this? Typically around 3pm is the optimal time for many people. You’ve probably noticed that around 3PM you usually feel drowsy - one reason for this is that your glucose levels start dropping. So it’s a wise idea to have a coffee and after that a 20-minute power nap. If you do it right, your power nap will be enough to make you feel refreshed following waking up, but still enough that you don't enter into a sleep cycle. If you do enter a sleep cycle, it'll be harder to wake up, and you'll be left feeling drowsy for some time after waking up. You can set an alarm clock to wake you at the right moment, and then the caffeine will hit at the right moment.

By default, humans are biphasic sleepers. Meaning, we're programmed to sleep two times a day. You might try scheduling one nap every 24 hours and try to get a solid 7 hours of sleep at night. This is obviously a hard thing to do for most of us, but sometimes you do owe yourself a nap. Whether that’s on the weekend, during the day, or during a day off - give it a shot. When you lose sleep - you can end up feeling tired in the midday, and you'll have difficulty maintaining focus and focusing on a task. In fact, your productivity will decrease significantly. Also, If you're very sensitive to caffeine than a caffeine break may not be appropriate.

You might try drinking green tea before a nap as well - any caffeine will do! The consequences are less noticeable and rather than a perky boost you'll feel a longer lasting and milder amount of energy. So there you've it. Caffeine and a nap may just be the ticket to increase your productivity!

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