Nootropics and Their Use

Nootropics and Their Use

Today we wanted to touch on something surprisingly caffeine related. As you may or may not know the most used class of drugs are stimulants, and yep - you guessed it - caffeine is the most used drug of those stimulants. So caffeine is basically a nootropic as well, and we’ve covered it’s incredible benefits, and we’ll continue to do so, but today I wanted to tackle something called nootropics.

Nootropics are mind drugs occasionally called drugs or brain steroids. Simply put, these make you more alert and focused and can be combined alongside other nutritional supplements designed to enhance your cognitive performance. They may also boost your mood or memory or any other facet of performance. The mechanism of action and how these work in various ways is part of what makes them incredibly interesting. Nootropics are stimulants along the lines of guarana caffeine or thermogenic. These work by speeding up the metabolic process and therefore increasing wakefulness and energy thus increasing consciousness and memory.

Others are receptors that work by aiding the neurons communicating and so speeding up the communicating between brain cells, and these include nootropics that are such as those that include dopamine or dopamine.

By blocking their usage others increase the number of neurotransmitters in the brain. Some may work by raising the generation of hormones that improve endurance and awareness and might affect mood.

Nootropics can be purchased over the counter, while some will be prescription and are meant for use by people with mental ailments or ADD. Even the military is using them! Nootropics are being developed by the military to be used by soldiers to enhance reactions during combat alongside other faculties. Those intrigued with self-advancement will utilize mixtures of nootropics to maximize their effects, Although the long term consequences of many are not fully understood (if any as they do seem relatively safe).

Alright, that’s our introduction to nootropics, and I’m sure we’ll be writing again about it soon!

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