Real Life CBD Studies Prove It's Benefits (Part Three)

Real Life CBD Studies Prove It's Benefits (Part Three)

Today we have part three,  of our real-life CBD stories. We are sharing more scientific information about the potential benefits of CBD. If you haven’t seen the previous two posts check them out here and here.

In our study today, research was done on the benefits of CBD oil in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. The findings are staggering. “This is the first cannabis-derived medication with approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. This CBD formulation significantly reduces seizures as an adjunct to standard antiepileptic therapies in patients ≥2 years old with DS and LGS and is well tolerated.” For more information on this study check out this link ( and read for yourself about this new drug that could help treat childhood epilepsy.

This stuff is groundbreaking, yet still so new. While we're finding out new things everyday about how awesome CBD is and can be - we're still really on the cusp of this really fantastic and interesting all natural solution.

So over the past week we have covered quite a few different studies on CBD oil. We have talked about the benefits it could have for sleep, anxiety, PTSD, diabetes, blood pressure, and now childhood epilepsy. Hope you learned something new through this series, and we hope you continue to see for yourself, and do some research on your own. It's not fair to claim or call CBD a miracle drug - but I think it's intensely important to really make considered and measured choices about the chemicals and substances we put into our bodies - and if something all natural like CBD can help in the biggest ways like significantly reducing seizures in children, or the smallest ways like a better night's sleep - well it's really something to consider.


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