What's an Aeropress, and How Do you Use It?

What's an Aeropress, and How Do you Use It?
If you have even the passing interest in home brewing or contemporary coffee history, you’ve probably heard of the Aeropress - but what is it?

Well, it’s a coffee maker, but It’s definitely not a traditional coffee maker by any stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t require any electricity, it isn’t even expensive, and it usually only makes one perfect cup.

The Aeropress is one of if not the youngest coffee maker in existence. It was invented in 2005 by the same guy who created one of the most popular frisbees ever!

Adam Adler invented the Aerobie flying disk in 1984, which was a disk that flew more quickly and at more considerable distances than traditional flying disks. Kind of wild that the same guy reinvented the frisbee, also would create an incredibly affordable, novel, yet highly effective coffee maker.

What’s really incredible about the Aeropress is that it has an identical concentration essentially as espresso, and usually has lower acidity than your typical drip coffee.

When using the Aeropress, there are luckily only a few things to keep in mind. While kind of an odd analogy to make with a coffee maker, the best way to imagine the Aeropress is as if it was a huge syringe that brews coffee!

The coffee maker only consists of a few parts, which are basically these large cylindrical shaped tubes that fit within one another.

To brew the coffee, you plunge one of the tubes into the other one, which then uses pressure to force the coffee through a replaceable paper filter at the bottom of the Aeropress. It's designed so that the Aeropress sits on top of the coffee mug, so that you can apply pressure, and push down to brew the coffee.

Some coffee connoisseurs swear that the Aeropress is the absolute best way to brew coffee, even over machines that cost thousands of dollars!

Tips & Tricks

The magic of the Aeropress lies in how uncomplicated it is, and the Aeropress comes with almost everything you need, except for a coffee grinder, a kettle and of course the beans.

There are lots of “recipes” for using the Aeropress, that define how much coffee you should use, how much water, and the temperature of the water. The range of grind is usually set in these recipes as well.

Almost always, a coarse grind is going to be your preferred grind for your coffee beans.

Next, you should do rinse your filter, this will remove the papery taste from the filter. Some people don’t really notice this step, but you should try it to see if you do!

After you place the filter onto the Aeropress, you’ll want to start then brewing. Basically, you want to fill up your Aeropress with hot water while it’s sitting on top of a mug that you’re brewing into. You can stir the grounds around, but this step honestly isn’t essential. The real “brewing” comes merely from plunging down and using pressure to extract the coffee from the grounds.

Extra Tip:

Aeropress coffee is usually much stronger than drip coffee so you can make an Americano or a Latte at home with some milk!

I’ve been using our Bali Paradise Valley to make some really excellent Aeropress coffee. Any of our coffee beans will do. What’s your favorite way to make an Aeropress? Or if you haven’t tried it yet - what are you waiting for?

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