Organic Coffee (Fair Trade/Direct Trade)

Check out our collection of certified organic coffee and assist in keeping the environment healthy and safe as a result of the specific conditions and regulations that the farmers must abide by to retain their certification. The organic coffee beans are inspected and grown in a natural setting that is mostly under tree canopies. This supports the conservation of forests, local bird populations and helps to sustain a healthy ecosystem.

Organic fertilizer must also be used in order to retain the organic certification; so therefore, there are no harmful exposures to the farmers, the environment or to the consumer!

Also, we have an great selection of certified Non-GMO organic Fair Trade coffee beans available. Along with the organic certification qualifications, a major benefit associated with the Fair-Trade certification is the associated labor standards. These labor regulations assist the farmers with adequate working wages and conditions so they have a chance to maintain a much needed beneficial lifestyle for themselves and their children. Therefore, a little goes a long way in helping to sustain and improve the world around us for years to come!

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