Honduras Silver Hills
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Honduras Silver Hills

This Honduran Coffee is high grown near the city of Tegucigalpa, meaning "Silver Hill". This gourmet coffee has come a long way since its first appearance in the United States' market. In earlier years, Honduran coffee was not given the attention that it gets now. Due to improved coffee standards and coffee practices, this gourmet coffee has become one of the most well know coffees in Central America. Honduran coffee is grown at above 4,500 feet and is classified as Strictly High Grown beans. This means that the beans are more dense and flavorful that your average coffee beans.

Honduran Silver Hills Coffee is mild with subtle undertones of nuts and honey, which gives it a lightly sweet taste and smooth texture. The coffee bean is medium roasted which gives way to light fruity notes, a lemony zest, a hint of nuttiness, and a mild cocoa finish.

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