The Truth about CBD

By Cassie Morwen

January 20th, 2019

There’s a lot of really exciting research that’s been happening for years on CBD (Cannabidiol), even before you probably even heard of CBD!

Here’s some really great research we were able to dig up on the possible health benefits of CBD:

“Our results indicate that CBD can inhibit and delay destructive insulitis and inflammatory Th1-associated cytokine production in NOD mice resulting in a decreased incidence of diabetes possibly through an immunomodulatory mechanism shifting the immune response from Th1 to Th2 dominance.”

You can read more about this particular study, here.

So this is really wild – but according to that study it seems that CBD reduced the chances of diabetes and obesity in the mice. Crazy, but cool - right?

Through some of the various research I've done, I've found references for CBD providing some sort of help or relief for these conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy/Seizure
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • PTSD
  • Pain
  • Colitis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Liver Injury

One really fascinating discovery that I found, involved CBD's role in reducing or eliminating fear. Seems kind of novel, but fear can be absolutely debilitating for some of us. You can take a look at the study, here. Essentially they shocked rats, gave them CBD, and the ones that had taken CBD were less fearful of getting shocked again, versus the rats who had taken no CBD. Essentially this could be the beginning stages of real evidence of helping with PTSD, which so many of our veterans and others suffer from.Another really interesting study I found (that I haven't seen a lot of talk about) is CBD's potential role in reducing high blood pressure. High blood pressure is something that affects millions of people. From the study: "Cannabidiol (CBD) is a nonpsychoactive phytocannabinoid used in multiple sclerosis and intractable epilepsies. Preclinical studies show CBD has numerous cardiovascular benefits, including a reduced blood pressure (BP) response to stress. The aim of this study was to investigate if CBD reduces BP in humans."

Continuing on in our series about specific CBD research, we wanted to share with a couple more interesting studies we found. If you haven’t read the first part check it out here!Today we are looking at a study that was done on dogs with osteoarthritis. The findings are quite interesting. “Clinically, canine brief pain inventory and Hudson activity scores showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity (p < 0.01) with CBD oil. Veterinary assessment showed decreased pain during CBD treatment (p < 0.02).” For more information on this study click here. We know quite a few people who suffer from chronic pain disorders so this research that was done in dogs is rather fascinating! The decrease in pain and the increase in mobility would be great for anyone suffering with a chronic pain condition.

In our study today, research was done on the benefits of CBD oil in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. The findings are staggering. “This is the first cannabis-derived medication with approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. This CBD formulation significantly reduces seizures as an adjunct to standard antiepileptic therapies in patients who're two years old with DS and LGS and is well tolerated.” For more information on this study check out this link ( and read for yourself about this new drug that could help treat childhood epilepsy.

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