Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate
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Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate

100% pure certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee is known throughout the world as one of the superior gourmet coffees. The standard of quality for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is unrivaled with any other coffee because of the stringent and precise regulations. This is the reason that this particular coffee is considered one of the most exceptional coffees in the world.High grown in a precise geographical location and under specific conditions, these Arabica beans have earned their certification as 100% Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate. The amount of coffee produced is limited due to the amount of production space, and the demand is extremely high because of its exclusively rich taste and characteristics. Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee has a full body that is well balanced; it delivers subtle acidity and a smooth chocolate finish leaving not a single trace of bitterness.

As one of the highest quality coffees available, Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown at heights of 5,000 feet. This light body coffee is roasted to a medium- ight state, usually to the midpoint between the first and second crack stage. From the region of St. Andrews, Jamaica brings you a coffee with hints of chocolate that is rich, well-balanced, and lowly acidic

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